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iPad percentage calculator app

Small steps and big leaps

What Percent Mate separates from most percentage calculators are the stepper buttons. Useful to play around with the solution.
Indispensable for What-if Scenario Analysis (WISA).

Small in size. Great with numbers.

Percent Mate is designed for calculations of (sales) growth rates, climb rates (RoC), response rates (returns, complaints), weight loss/gain, volume discounts, savings goals, ROI, profit vs. cost, tolerances, fees, discounts, rebates, interest, debt, taxes, VAT (Value Added Tax: in both directions) and restaurant tipping.

Figure this

Not 100% convinced? Check out our calculation examples on this page and see what our calculator app can compute for you. (examples illustrated on an Apple Watch).

System requirements

iPad with iOS 12 or later

Example #1

Cash discount: 149 with 3% off?

Example #2

Net value: Net value from 199 including 20% VAT?

Example #3

Interest: 2% interest on 7.5K?

Example #4

Interest owing: 9,5% on -5K?

Example #5

Restaurant tip: 12% tip on a restaurant bill of 106.30?

Example #6

Split: 12% tip on top of a bill of 106.30, divided by 4 persons?

Example #7

Tolerances: -3% of 140?

Example #8

Turnover: 152 products sold vs. 115 the month before? Note: 132.2% = +32.2%

Example #9

Response Rate: 28 complaints in a lot of 2586?

Example #10

Volume discount: Buy now! Pay 4, get 5! (= get 5 for the price of 4)

Example #11

Saving: Reaching 5K if 200 are put aside each month? Note: Solution/100 = Months (25)

Example #12

Yield: Earnings of 50K with costs of 41.5K? Note: 120.5% = +20.5%

Example #13

ROI (Return On Investment): 8K profit vs. 41.5K equity?

Example #14

Weight loss: 4.7kg lost of 67.0kg?

Example #15

Proportion: 15 minutes are how much percent of an hour?

Example #16

Converting: How much kilometers are 55 miles?

Example #17

Blank votes share: 145,222 invalid votes of 3,876,942 eligible voters?

Example #18

Average: 24K grew by 47.2% over 10 years. This equals annually?

Example #19

Hourly rate: 3600 kWh per day equals per hour?